Abay Bank has more than 3,700 shareholders all over the country, and the composition of the shareholders are the public mainly farmers, cooperatives, unions and businessmen. The paid-up capital of the Bank reached Birr 720 Million as of June 30, 2016 and its subscribed capital was around Birr 728 Million.

To enhance its competitiveness and strength, the Bank recently raised its capital from ETB 500 Million to ETB 1 Billion, and is undergoing extensive sales of its share to the public. On this occasion, we are pleased to inform you that you can buy the highly profitable share of Abay Bank and own the Bank.

Requirements to Buy Shares

It is based on the directive of the National Bank of Ethiopia.

About the Bank Share Sales

Share Payment Method

The Bank follows full payment method for the subscription of shares. By this, the subscribers will make a full payment of the share along with the premium at once at the time of signing the application.

Services Charge or Premium