Abay Bank Reached 139 Branches!

Abay Bank opened lots of new branches recently. "BOLE 24 BRANCH" was inaugurated on January 10, 2017 as the Bank’s 136th Branch in Addis Ababa, around the former Megenagna - Kebele 24, next to Kokeb Building. On February 14, 2017, the 137th
Branch of Abay Bank, "AWODAY BRANCH" was opened in Oromia Region,
Awoday town on Maya Building. "ATLAS BRANCH" was commenced on February
18, 2017 as the Bank’s 138th Branch in Addis Ababa, around Atlas Hotel on Kelsam Building beside ’Oh Canada’ Cafe and Restaurant. The 139th
"BOLE MILLENNIUM BRANCH" was opened on February 21, 2017 in Addis
Ababa, around Bole - Millennium Hall, next to Bole Ambassador Hotel.

Branches were opened in warm inaugural ceremonies with the presence of
the Bank’s higher executives along with the corresponding community

All these Branches are integrated to the core banking
system of Abay Bank since the day of commencement so as to provide
full-fledged banking services for extended hours from 8:00 AM in the
morning to 9:00 PM at night. Abay Bank will soon open its branches in
Addis Ababa as well as other parts of the country with the aim of
getting closer to its customers.

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