Abay Bank Reached 151 Brances!

‚ÄčAbay Bank opened lots of new branches recently. "IMPERIAL BRANCH" was inaugurated on July 15, 2017 as the Bank’s 146th Branch in Addis Ababa, around the former Imperial Hotel on the way to Haya Hulet Mazoria. On July 18, 2017, the 147th Branch
of Abay Bank, "SHALA BRANCH" was opened in Addis Ababa, on the road
from Haya Hulet Mazoria - Getahun Beshah Building to Bole High School,
behind Shala Public Park. "GAMBELLA BRANCH" was inaugurated on July 27,
2017 as the Bank’s 147th Branch in the Gambella Regional State, Gambella town. On the same date, "MIZAN AMAN BRANCH" was commenced as Abay Bank’s 149th
Branch in the SNNPR, Mizan-Aman town. On July 29, 2017, Abay Bank’s
150th "YISMALA BRANCH" was opened in the Amhara region, Achefer Woreda,
Yismala town. The 151st Branch for Abay Bank and the 2nd
Branch for Debre Markos town, "NIGUS TEKLEHAYMANOT BRANCH" was
inaugurated on July 31, 2017 in Debre Markos - Meskel Adebabay, in front
of FM International Hotel.

The Branches were commenced in warm
inaugural ceremonies with the presence of the Bank’s higher executives
and the corresponding community members.

All these Branches are
integrated to the core banking system of Abay Bank since the day of
inauguration so as to provide full-fledged banking services for extended
hours from 8:00 AM in the morning to 9:00 PM at night. Abay Bank will
soon open its branches in Addis Ababa as well as other regions with the
aim of reaching customers at their doorstep.

Abay: The Trustworthy Bank!