Diaspora Mortgage Loan

This credit facility will give you an opportunity to access the bank’s loan facility to:

  • Purchase residential house from Real Estate
  • Purchase residential house from individual sellers /associations
  • Construct residential house on your own land
  • Purchase/Construct commercial buildings in your home country
  • Finish under construction residential house / commercial building


  • All Diaspora accountholders can be the beneficiary ofthis credit facility. However, fixed andcurrent accountholders have to change theiraccount to saving account at the time ofloan request.
  • Until you get the loan facility, you will get a higher interest rate of 10% for your saving account.
  • Withdrawal shall be allowed at any time before the Diaspora entered a contractual agreement with real estate and the bank
  • We have a panel of experts who will be assigned in your all banking transactions and selection of appropriate real estate .
  • You should deposit at least 50% of the money (in foreign currency) that is needed for purchasing /constructing the required house/ commercial building.
  • We finance up to 50% the value of the residential or commercial building(as per the valuation report)
  • You can request the loan facility at any time as far as the required deposit amount is fulfilled.
  • Loan interest rate will be determined based upon the bank’s terms and tariffs procedure.
  • A maximum of 7 years to repayment period
  • Loan repayment should be effected in foreign currency .However, in case the Diaspora returns to Ethiopia for permanent settlement before the loan is fully paid to the bank, the loan repayment currency will be in birr.
  • Financed property (purchased or constructed house) will serve as collateral to the loan granted.
  • The house will be constructed or purchased in cities/towns that are selected by the bank.
  • The Diaspora must be willing to work with the real estate company that is selected and proposed by the bank.


  • Copy of passport
  • Ethiopian origin identification card(Yellow Card)
  • Registered Power of attorney: where the empowered person act as a liaison between the Diaspora and the bank
  • All copies need to be notarized by Ministry of foreign Affairs
  • Other document should also fulfill as per the Diaspora credit documentation checklist and procedure.