Diaspora Investment Loan

Do you want to invest in your home country and you do not have enough amount of money to make an investment ? our Diaspora investment loan is available to you at very competitive rate .


  • It is used to finance commercial level agriculture, agro processing and manufacturing sector.
  • Agro processing and manufacturing industry that focus on export oriented products are the primary beneficiary of this loan facility .
  • We finance up to 70% of the value of the investment
  • The equity contribution of the Diaspora should be deposited in foreign currency
  • The project taken as the security / collateral of the loan
  • Loan interest rate will be determined based upon the banks terms and tariffs procedure.
  • Loan repayment period determined based on the type of the project and the bank policy.
  • Grace periods may be applicable based on the type of the project.
  • We have a panel of experts who recommend and advice you on profitable business sectors (bankable project).


  • Copy of passport
  • Ethiopian origin identification card(Yellow Card)
  • Feasibility study of your project or you can use bankable projects that are conducted by the bank
  • Investment license
  • Proof of acquiring land for investment
  • All copies need to be notarized by Ministry of foreign Affairs
  • Other document should also fulfill as per the Diaspora credit documentation checklist and procedure.