One-Birr for One-Dollar Initiative

Abay Bank would like to say “Welcome Home” to all Ethiopians and Nationals of Ethiopian Origin in the Diaspora

The Bank would like to express its heartfelt appreciation to the entire diaspora community who are coming home following the official call by the Ethiopian government to the one million Ethiopians in the diaspora.

A massive homecoming movement has already started by Ethiopians from all around the world and there has been an all-rounded effort here at home undertaken by various stakeholders to set the scene to welcome and host the guests.

The great homecoming is believed to have so many positive implications on the rebuilding process of stronger Ethiopia.  The sons and daughters of Ethiopia in the diaspora are expected to lend their hands on the key areas of nation building and development agendas of the country in a way that can bring about sustainable positive change.

Primarily, however, the diaspora community is expected to put its mark by contributing toward resolving the country’s immediate challenges- supporting the displaced, and showing their solidarity to the nation by exchanging the foreign currency at their hands via the banking system to positively impact the country’s hard currency reserves.

Here’s how Abay’s “One-Birr for One-Dollar” initiative helps you to discharge your most revered homecoming objective which is to standby the nation by supporting the displaced citizens.

Abay Bank S.C has developed the initiative to facilitate donations for the displaced citizens.  The feature of the campaign is just to set aside one birr for the displaced citizens for each 1 dollar foreign currency sales from the diaspora.  Thus, when, for example, a diaspora guest exchanges USD 500 at any of Abay’s 330 (and counting) branches, the Bank would automatically set aside Birr 500 to support the displaced, rebuild their war-torn hometowns and shelters.

The fund mobilized through this initiative would certainly be of significant value that can resource up a meaningful humanitarian assistance for those displaced in their millions.

This initiative costs you our guests absolutely nothing since the Bank hands you the Birr equivalent of the foreign currency at the prevailing official exchange rate applicable on that specific date.  However, the Bank would set aside One-Birr for each One-Dollar exchanged just because you chose to do your exchange with our Bank.

Abay Bank feels proud to serve you, help you support your country and people, and at the same time discharge its corporate social responsibility.

Abay: The Trustworthy Bank!

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