Abay Bank Farewells Former Board Members

Abay Bank Farewells Former Board Members

Abay Bank S.C. has organized a colorful farewell program for former Board Members who have been serving the bank for several years, on the occasion held at Hyatt Regency Hotel.

The farewell program was organized to acknowledge former Board Chairperson, Ethiopia Tadesse and three more Board Members for their unreserved efforts and contributions for the bank’s growth and efficiency.     

Abay Bank S.C. Chief Executive Officer, Yehuala Gesesse has extended his heartfelt gratitude to outgoing Board Members for their successful contributions during their career.       

Honorary guest of the occasion, Vice Governor Solomon Desta Head of the Financial Institutions Supervision at National Bank of Ethiopia, has applauded Abay Bank for its comprehensive achievements in its business performance.     

On the occasion, the new Board Chairperson, Amsalu Asres (PhD.) and other newly elected Board Members of the Bank are introduced and welcomed.

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