Board Audit Sub-Committee Members

Ato Fantu Gola Siyoom

38 Years of Experience
MSC in Economics of Tourism and Service Industries
Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing Management and Physical Distribution

Ato Mekonnen Yelewemwessen

29 Years of Experience
MSC in Finance & Credit
MA in Organizational Leadership

Ato Mulat Tsega Ayele

25 Years of Experience
MA in Urban Management
BA in Economics

Board Risk Sub-Committee Members

Ato Teshager Desalegn Abera
A/ Chairperson

15 Years of Experience
LLB Degree

Ato Biyazin Enkuahone

24 Years of Experience
Master of Civil Engineering (Construction Technology Management)
Master of Business Administration
B.A. in Economics
Diploma in Sanitary Science

Ato Tadesse Assefa Tiruneh

25 Years of Experience
Master of Business Administration
BA in Management & Public Administration (Management)

Board HR, IT, Facility & Procurement Management Sub-Committee

Amlaku Asres Zewdie (PhD)

28 Years of Experience
PhD in Sustainable Agricultural System
MSC in Agricultural Economics & Agribusiness
BSC in Agricultural Economics

W/ro Ethiopia Tadesse Akana

20 Years of Experience
MSC in Information Science
BA in Library & Information Science

Ato Tilaye Bitew Bezu

27 Years of Experience
MSC in Geo-information Science and Earth Observation
BSC in Agricultural Engineering
Diploma in Software Engineering