Abay Mobile Banking

Abay Mobile Banking

The Mobile banking channel offers banking services for all mobile platforms using Android app, iOS app and USSD. Abay Banking Mobile Banking Services serves not only those users who have account at the bank but every mobile subscriber.

The Mobile channel provides informational as well as transactional Services. 

Informational Services:

  • Balance Request

Balance Request tells you the currently available balance within your account at Abay Bank.

  • Short Statement Request

Short Statement tells you the five recent transactions you have done on your account.

  • Cheque book request

Customers can place a request for cheque books as long as their account has cheque facility.

  • Financial and Banking News
  • Geolocations

ATM, Branch and Agent Locations as well as distance from customer to these places.

  • Forex Rates
  • Contacts

Transactional Services:

  • Money Send / Transfer

Money Send refers to a kind of money transfer a person does to another person’s account or to his phone number if the person is a walk-in customer. If the person is a walk-in customer then he/she is supposed to see our agents to fetch his/ her money.

  • Utility Payments

Payments refer to the kind of transaction a person makes with our agents or some other merchants. For example, to find an agent of Abay bank engaged in retail business or restaurant and pay bills through your mobile phone.

  • Cash Deposit

Deposit refers to the kind of transaction a person does to credit an account. To carry out deposit a person who is going to deposit must be a customer of Abay bank. Walk-in customers are not allowed to do deposit money to any account. 

  • Cash Withdrawal

Cash Withdrawal refers to the kind of transaction a person does to debit his own account or to debit GL account which has been credited after Person-to-person/account-to-person/Cash out transfer. In the latter case , the person at the receiving end is expected to bring withdrawal token and Reference number.  To do this transaction the customer is expected to get cash out token beforehand.  [Please see the corresponding section on how to do Cash Out].

Cash Withdrawal could be done in one of the following channels:  ATM and Agents. – Note: No ATM card is need in this case.

  • Bill Payments

Bill Payments are those transactions a person does to settle the Periodic payments with companies who had made agreements with Abay Bank.

  • E-Top up

Refers to the kind of transaction a person does to fetch Airtime recharging number from the app by carrying out the amount of airtime denomination number.



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