Other Saving Accounts

“Tibeb” Saving Account Service

Education Saving Account Service enables customers to cover future educational expenses of their children or their own from primary cycle of education to tertiary or post graduate levels.

Gift Card Service

This service is designed to fulfill the interest of clients to give gifts to their family, friends and relatives on special occasions, such as birthdays, graduations, weddings, holidays, etc. The card can easily be converted into cash or it can be used for purchasing various goods and services from stores, which work with the Bank.

Club Saving Account Service

Club Saving Account Service gives an opportunity of higher interest rates to those customers who need to save money ahead of time for particular purposes, such as birthdays, weddings, holidays, etc. or for the purpose of vacations, and to make trips.

“Muday” Saving Account Service

This service enables customers to accumulate and save money in a designed box (Muday) at their home, and deposit it on timely basis in their respective saving accounts at branches of Abay Bank.

“Senay” Saving Account

This is a premium interest bearing saving account designed to raise funds from money deposited by those interested individuals, governmental and non-governmental organizations that have an interest to support charity organizations from the interest earned on their money deposited in the bank for specific purpose.

An interest bearing saving account opened at any of Abay bank branches on which an interest calculated and accrued on amount deposited in the account will be transferred to a designed charity organization and ultimately used for charitable purposes.

Senior Citizens’ Saving Account Service

Ethiopian senior citizens at the age of 50 and more can open this account and save money for their future security. The account gives a privilege of higher interest rates.