Abay Bank Awards 5th Round Prize Winners

Abay Bank Awards 5th Round Prize Winners

Addis Ababa, 06 July 2022 – Abay Bank S.C. has awarded prizes to winners of the 5th round foreign exchange related programs.    

On the occasion, Chief Executive Officer of Abay Bank, Yehuala Gesesse in his welcoming speech congratulated winners and noted that conducting foreign currency exchange service with the Bank will help to alleviate the foreign currency shortage in the country. 

He further added that the 5th round prize-linked promotion was organized to encourage the public to exchange foreign currencies in the Bank and to reward customers for their relationships with the Bank.

The CEO described the winners ambassadors of the bank; adding that the Bank will continue similar prize oriented programs and called up on customers to immensely exploit services and products of the bank.  

Emebet Adnew, the winner of the 1st prize, latest version Suzuki Desire Automobile, said that she could win the prize after she exchanged some dollars sent from her brother from USA. She also expressed her warmest delight for winning the prize and grateful to Abay Bank for keeping its words and she promised to heighten her close relationships with the bank.

The Bank has presented one Suzuki Desire Automobile, five refrigerators, three Samsung 32 inch Televisions, five HP Laptops and ten Huawei mobile apparatus for 5th round prize-linked promotion program winners.

Currently, the bank has over 1.7 million customers and 377 branches distributed throughout the country.

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