About Abay Sadiiq

Abay Sadiiq (Interest Free Banking- IFB) services is a separate service provided by the Bank in line with the principles of IFB services and in compliance with the Shari’ah as attested by Shari’ah Advisory Committee (SAC) of the Bank.

The Bank is well recognized for its pioneering in Sadiiq IFB services.  The Bank not only stands among the pioneers in the services, it has also managed to garner resources from this business line by working closely with its esteemed lFB customers.  Currently the Bank offers its Sadiiq services operating across all its branches in addition to the well over 20 independent full-fledged IFB branches.

The Bank is offering Shari’ah compliant financing services in all areas of economic sectors through two of Abay Sadiiq’s popular products, namely Murabaha and Qard financing.