Corporate Philosophy


    “To Become the First Bank of Choice”



     “Providing the best- in-class banking services and adding value for stakeholders”



     Customer – Centricity



     Employee – Centricity



Abay: The Trustworthy Bank!


Corporate Governance

Abay Bank is governed by Board of Directors who are elected by the General Assembly. The Board has been exerting its leadership for the Bank to become an all-inclusive bank providing accessible and affordable financial services, and in the process, generating great shareholder value.

Top Management

The Bank’s Management comprises of highly skilled and experienced personnel. The Bank has been continuing with aggressive capacity building through staff training and development programs. The first critical success factor of the bank is about an organizational culture that values people, enhances performance and supports the business. The number of employees of the Bank has reached over 8,626 /Eight Thousand Six Hundred Twenty Six/as of June 30, 2023.