Company Profile


Ethiopia’s mighty river, the Great Abay, is a dramatic spectacle and a symbol of natural strength and grandeur. It is not only a magnificent sight to visit, but also a river with immense potential for our country’s development. This tremendous natural strength similarly explains why we are named Abay. We are here to foster growth and development by promoting and financing different sectors, thereby generating employment opportunities and accelerating capital formation, by ensuring a safe, stable and sound financial system.

As a number of tourists coming to visit the river Abay watch the impressive scenery and the hospitality of the local people with fascination, our dedicated employees supported by the state-of-the art banking technology welcome and serve you with diligence and efficiency. Abay River, Ethiopian’s jewel, has the potential of being the major catalyst for growth and development of the Country. By the same token, Abay Bank has become an engine of growth and development for the farmers, business men and other customers in the financial sector. We are here to lead the way to financial empowerment.


Abay Bank has fulfilled all the necessary requirements of the National Bank of Ethiopia to set up a bank, and officially established on July 14th 2010 and started full-fledged banking operations on November 3, 2010. Currently, paid up-capital of the bank is Birr 5.171 Billion/ Five Billion One Hundred Seventy One Million Birr as of December 31, 2023, and the number of share holders reached 4,479/ Four Thousand Four Hundred Seventy Nine. The Bank is poised to serve all economic sectors through its network of branches. It extends its services to domestic trade and services, international trade, agriculture, industry, transportation, construction and real estate sectors.

Abay Bank is taking all the necessary steps to be an effective partner to every business in fulfilling their financial dreams and aspirations. The Bank is determined to bridge the gap between access to financial services and those who need it most. In light of this, the Bank offers all types of universal bank in services, and has planned to render unique services to its clients supported with modern technology. Since its establishment, the Bank has achieved encouraging achievements by all standards. Its sphere of operation has expanded all over the country and the total number of branches has reached over 528 and it has more than 3,073,758 (Three Million Seventy Three Thousand Seven Hundred Fifty Eight) account holders as of December 31,2023.