Addis Ababa, April 02, 2022 – Abay Bank staffs have visited Nehemiah Autism Center to mark International Autism Awareness Day, on April 02, 2022.

Wondifraw Tadesse, Chief – Strategy and Marketing Officer of the Bank, and other staff members have visited Nehemiah Autism Center and made donation to support the activity of the center.

During the visit, Wondifraw said that the Bank as part of its corporate social responsibility, is immensely participating in efforts of addressing social issues in various sector like health, education, disaster prevention and emergency cases. In addition, he said, extra effort needs to create awareness about autism and capacitate autistic children to be effective citizens of the nation.

Rahel Abayneh, Founder and Director of Nehemiah Autism Center, on her part said, she is pleased to have Abay Bank’s staff for visiting and showing love and partnership to the center, and extended her appreciation to Abay Bank for its support at large.

Nehemiah Autism Center is one of the Autism Centers in Ethiopia established in 2011 and currently, taking care of over 60 children.

The Bank has made a significant amount of contribution for the society as a corporate social responsibility since its establishment by setting aside a large sum of budget every year.  A week before this event, Abay Bank has donated over 4 million Birr to support displaced citizens in North Wollo, Waghimra and Sekota districts.

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